A school, a site

19 December 2019

"A school, a site" is a program that invites students to take ownership of their heritage, history and trades by practicing a cultural activity in heritage sites.

Set up by the Ministry of Culture, this project makes it possible to educate young people about heritage and architecture through the discovery of old and current trades and know-how, by accessing a site in the area where they live.

The rehabilitation project of the Villa du Temps retrouvé was an opportunity for the youth of Cabourg to get a sneak peek the future spaces of the museum project and the trades linked to the restoration of the building.

The CP-CE1 class from Jean Guillou Elementary School and students from Saint-Louis Middle School in Cabourg took part in the project by visiting the site of the Villa du Temps retrouvé, guided by the architect responsible for the project. After discovering the building and its history, a meeting with professionals (Agence Sunmetron Architecte, Lefevre, Normandie Patrimoine, Chefdeville) gave the students a chance to learn about the careers of architects and digital programmers.