The participants


The Scientific and Cultural Committee is the collective mind of the project and is made up of experts and scholars from the museum world, scientific research field, the art market and literary and economic circles.

Alongside of Tristan Duval,Councillor Responsible of Attractiveness, Tourism and Major Urban Projects, and his team, a Scientific and Cultural Committee is led under the leadership of Jérôme Neutres, former director of strategy and development for the Réunion des Musées Nationaux– Grand Palais and former executive president of the museum of Luxembourg.


  • Sylvain Amic, Advisor in charge of museums, arts and crafts, design and fashion to the Minister of Culture
  • Jérôme Bastianelli, Deputy Managing Director of the Quai Branly Museum – Jacques Chirac and President of the Society of Friends of Marcel Proust
  • Jean Bergeret, President of La Revue du Pays d´Auge from 2011 to 2022
  • Cécile Binet, Museum advisor at the DRAC of Normandy
  • Evelyne Bloch-Dano, writer and member of the Prix Femina jury
  • Jérôme Clément, President of the Alliance Française, founder of Arte and former president of the CNC, PIASA and the board of the Théâtre du Châtelet
  • Gérard de Cortanze, writer and President of the Cabourg du Roman Prize jury
  • Josette Crief, treasurer of the Association for the foreshadowing of the Villa du Temps retrouvé from 2019 to 2022
  • Michel Draguet, Director General of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels
  • Françoise Dutour, historian
  • Laurent Fraisse, President of the Proustian Literary Circle
  • Jacques Grande, decorator and interior designer
  • Stéphane Guégan, historian, art critic and curator at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Laure Hillerin, writer and historian specializing in Marcel Proust
  • Roma Lambert, Director of the Villa du Temps retrouvé, historian specialist of the 19th century
  • Emmanuelle Le Bail, Councillor Responsable for the Arts and Scientific Director at the Imperial Art gallery, Paris
  • Nathalie Léger, Director of IMEC, Caen
  • Guylaine Leloutre, of Office de Tourisme Intercommunal of the Communauté de communes Normandie Cabourg Pays d’Auge
  • Hervé Lemoine, Director of Mobilier National, Paris
  • Nathalie Mauriac-Dyer, Research Director at CNRS and Head of the Proust team
  • Jean-Jacques Neuer, lawyer
  • Jérôme Neutres, Chairman of the Committee, is also general curator of the exhibition “Parcours Belle Époque”
  • Jean-Yves Patte, art historian and musicologist
  • Béatrice de Selve, Councillor Responsible for the Arts from 2014 to 2020
  • Sandrine Treiner, Director of France Culture