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Du temps retrouvé
Discover the Villa
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A House inhabited by works and stories

The Villa du Temps retrouvé is an innovative museum space with prestigious collections borrowed from the most grand institutions.
Thanks to Marcel Proust, our original guide, our visitors will discover the saga of the Belle Époque (Edwardian Era) through a trip in the daily life of this fascinating and flourishing period that defines the golden age of Cabourg and the Côte Fleurie.
Come (re)discover Marcel Proust, Claude Monet, Jacques-Émile Blanche, René-Xavier Prinet, Claude Debussy, and all of the Belle Époque vacationing at the Villa du Temps retrouvé in Cabourg.

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Fantômas : Miroir de la Belle Époque

Fantômas : Miroir de la Belle Époque

From 14/04/2021 to 11/11/2021


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The hanging
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Just two hours from Paris, Cabourg is ideally tucked away in the heart of Normandy, between the Côte Fleurie and the Pays d’Auge. A renowned seaside resort, both peaceful and energetic, mythical and modern, family friendly and intimate, Cabourg charms thousands of visitors every year.

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