A local ambition

Emmanuel Porcq, Mayor of Cabourg, Tristan Duval, Councillor Responsible of Attractiveness, Tourism and Major Urban Projects, Emmanuelle Le Bail, Councillor Responsible for the Arts, and the ensemble of the city council are happy to present to you this new cultural space.


La Villa du Temps Retrouvé
15 Avenue du Président
Raymond Poincaré
14390 Cabourg

T : 02 31 47 44 44

M : contact@villadutempsretrouve.com

Cabourg has always been a source of inspiration in the cultural realm, from René-Xavier Prinet to Marcel Proust by way of Bruno Coquatrix and Charles Levadé, many were the emblematic figures tied to the resort.
Cultural politics is an integral part of the city of Cabourg, and the municipality is committed daily to cultural democratization. Because of this, the infrastructures and cultural actions in Cabourg are numerous, the Villa du Temps retrouvé is fully integrated and complements the city’s cultural landscape with an approach that is engraved into Cabourg’s DNA.