The concept

Situated in the heart of Cabourg, the Villa du Temps retrouvé is a space consecrated to the heritage of the Côte Fleurie, to the imagination of Marcel Proust, and to the culture of the Belle Époque (Edwardian Era). The Villa serves as a place to better understand a time suspended between two centuries, between two wars, between two worlds. A time already modern but not quite yet contemporary. A place with Paris as the center of the world during the winter and the seaside resorts of the Côte Fleurie during the summer.

The Villa du Temps retrouvé is :

A house filled with artwork and history

Travel in time in the company of Marcel Proust. Dive into a journey where the atmosphere is enhanced by sound, musical, digital and fragranced scenography, as well as a selection of paintings, drawings and innovations from the period, loaned by illustrious institutions of regional, national and international influence.

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An ode to the revolutions

An ode to the technological, industrial, economic, cultural and social revolutions that marked the era and still inspire today’s world.
Our innovative technology makes it possible to listen, read, see and learn throughout all the rooms, even featuring a library with a selection of the bestselling novels from the turn of the century.

An open window on Normandy

An open window allowing visitors to discover Normandy, a place to learn why so many personalities, particularly artistic and literary, took up residence in the region at the time; what they were looking for and what they found here.

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Imagining Balbec from his hotel room, Marcel Proust was already inviting his readers to his work “The search of lost time” to discover the most beautiful sites on the coast.


La Villa du Temps Retrouvé
15 Avenue du Président
Raymond Poincaré
14390 Cabourg

T : 02 31 47 44 44

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