The Villa du Temps retrouvé is happy to welcome groups. Find here all offers, pricing conditions, as well as booking terms and conditions and practical information that will facilitate the organization of your visit.
Social domain and persons with disability
Children’s activity center

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    Speaking authorisation and non-affiliated guided tours

    Special visits are available to all types of visitors. However, only the persons designated below are authorized to speak in front of a group, with a required presentation of proof at reception :

    · Teachers leading their class, as well as the animators at the children’s activity centre.
    · Representatives of disadvantaged or disabled groups (blind or visually-impaired, deaf or hearing-impaired, physical or developmental disabilities, etc.).


    Anyone wishing to publicly speak as part of a group visit and not belonging to one of the categories listed above must make a written request for permission to speak, addressed to the Management of the Villa du Temps retrouvé.

    The conduct of guided tours without authorization, for less than 10 people per group, is prohibited.


    For all group visits, with a tour guide or independently, a reservation is required.
    The reservation is required at the latest 2 weeks before the date of the planned visit.


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