Cabourg and Its Churches


From 04/03/2023 to 12/11/2023

The mini-exhibition of the 2023 season in the Architecture Pavillion—”Cabourg and its churches”—retraces the history of the building since the 13th century to decipher its current architecture and to question its position and its links with the inhabitants of the community.

The restoration campaign of the church allows us to highlight the singularity of this religious heritage that accompanied the development of the City of Cabourg from a fishing and farming village to a renowned seaside resort. Rebuilt several times in radically different styles, from Romanesque to Neo-Gothic to Neo-Norman, and moved throughout its history on the territory of the commune, the church of Saint-Michel reflects the social and architectural changes that Cabourg has undergone, as well as the customs of its inhabitants.

Exhibition Curator: Roma Lambert, Director of the Villa du Temps retrouvé

The Saint-Louis College of Cabourg participated in the elaboration of the contents of this exhibition in partnership with the FabLab of Cabourg and the Sunmetron Architecture Agency.

Free access during the opening hours of the Villa du Temps retrouvé.