To become partner

Supported by the largest institutions in France–first and foremost the Mobilier National, the Musée d’Orsay and the National Library of France– the Villa is a unique platform for businesses.

A platform in which the content, amplified by the narrative figure of Marcel Proust, will make it possible to build bridges with our contemporary period and to reconnect with the optimism, inventiveness and thirst for discovery of the early 20th century. 

A space where heritage and history intersect with economic renewal, a capital of meetings, of expression and of reflection on heritage brands.  

Centered around an essential value–the passing on of a legacy–the Villa du Temps retrouvé offers all audiences, and especially those in the cultural domain, an unprecedented encounter with the artistic and literary creations from the Belle Epoque, within a life-size monument and with intimate, authentic content. Particular attention is paid to the development of a cultural experience intended for the elderly in the situation of a social divide and for people in situation of illiteracy and digital illiteracy.


By becoming a partner of the Villa du Temps retrouvé:

  • You promote a new genre of museums
  • You contribute actively to the purpose, operation, programming and influence of the Villa
  • You participate in a new movement, that of the Villa du Temps retrouvé brands such as yours by promoting your heritage
  • You register your company name alongside prestigious institutions that work together to offer all the audiences of the Villa a rich and quality cultural experience.
  • You involve your organization in a resilient and collection dynamic that strives to understand the past in order to better imagine the future.


To discover the partnership offer that best suits you, we invite you to contact Roma Lambert –